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Meet The New WideBot Platform In Full Access

The First Arabic-Focused Bot Builder is Here in Full Acces! إزيك.. هلا.. كيفك.. يعيّشك

We’re ultimately excited to share with you today that we’re finally out of early access and introducing our totally new platform. We think it’s much much better & brings more value than the other ones we had before. You can continue reading why we built it and what’s new in the full version below, or you can just explore it yourself!

Why The New WideBot Platform?

Since we were founded three years ago exactly this month, a lot of businesses have been relying on our 2 past platforms, whether to offer their users the understanding support they want, engage & personalize the experience for them, improve their customer service generally, or to sell their products.

That created a challenge for us of how to combine these 2 platforms into a one that continues to serve the 2 past ones’ goals, and yet keeps maintaining smooth user experience. That’s why we built The New WideBot Platform and introduced it first in early access first, and now the full access one. Here’s what’s new in the full access version:

Smoother Broadcasting Experience with Scheduling & Repetition


Send & schedule your broadcasts smoothly through any day of the year! Because now with The New WideBot Platform you get to schedule your broadcasts and repeat them to anytime you want, and keep them get sent again & again at the same certain timing continuously.

New Bot Training Feature


Train your bot to understand and handle free text whether by scenarios you add to him or through AI (in selected plans). And leave no question unanswerned behind from now on.

User Personalization


Personalize the experience more & more to your users by collecting & saving more information about them, to specify your responses or retarget your users through these data.

Go to Flow Capabilities


Redirect segments of your users to specific flows of your chatbot based on multiple attributes (timezone, gender, age, …etc), to leverage engagement rates & maximize conversions.

JSON API Integrations


Request & edit data from your chatbot to your own CRM (Customer Relationship Management) System or even spreadsheets, and control how & where you manage your users’ data.

Head Over to Your Dashboard or Get Started Now to Try The New Features and Start Reinventing Your Customer Relationship (It’s Free!)

Facebook Subscription Messaging Updates: What Do You Need To Know?

Facebook changes its policies very frequent. And if you don’t keep up with those updates, you might be super shocked when something suddenly changes.

The recently announced Facebook’s subscription messaging updates are set to change the lives of anyone who has a chatbot on Facebook very soon, which is why we’re here to let you know everything you need to know about it!

Facebook Messaging Policies: Present and Future


The most important messaging updates were as follows:

The Standard Messaging (24+1) Policy: This policy states that you can send promotional and non-promotional messages to your user if the message you send lies within a 24-hour window from the last time the user interacted with the bot. Inside the 24-hour window, you can send as many messages as you’d like, however, outside of the window, you can only send one message.

Of course, for every rule, there’s a workaround. When it comes to the 24+1 policy, the workaround is something called Message Tags. Message tags can tag your message as a different, Facebook-eligible tag, making it possible to send messages overlooking the 24+1 policy. You can know more about the message tags here.

Other than the message tags loophole, you can only send messages overlooking the policy if they’re sponsored.

Non-promotional Subscription Message Tag: Speaking of message tags, one very important tag is the “Non-promotional Subscription” tag. This tag allows sending messages for subscription purposes, such as when sending broadcast messages. However, this comes with a twist. Because in order for a page to be able to send non-promotional subscription broadcast messages, a page has to apply for the subscription permission. To do so, if the page is using an application that has app-level subscription permission, they can use the app’s permission.

Since Facebook had granted chatbots built on our platform this app-level subscription permission, you didn’t have to worry about applying for the permission, until now.


During the latest Facebook F8 conference, Facebook announced that somethings are going to change regarding this permission. As per the previous subscription permissions update, after June 30th 2019, any page wants to send its users’ broadcasts using the non-promotional subscription tag has to apply for its own page-level permission. As the app-level permission won’t cover it anymore.

This means if you want to continue sending your subscribers non-promotional subscription broadcasts, you’ll have to apply for the page-level subscription permission.

(Quick tip: If you’d like to apply for the page-level subscription permission, you can read all about and know how to apply for here.)

Bummer, right? But…

Do I really need the subscription messaging permission?

The subscription messaging permission is not a general need; meaning that it has specific use cases for you to need it. And if your bot doesn’t classify as one of those use cases, then you don’t need to apply for the permission.

The subscription messaging use cases are:

1. News: Informing your users about important/recent events in all categories of news, sports, politics, or entertainment as an example.

2. Productivity: Helping your users with their own personal productivity through reminders or managing their calendar.

3. Personal Tracking: Providing your users with data that helps them track data about themselves, for example, data about their health.

Other than these three use cases, you wouldn’t need the subscription messaging permission.


What do I do if I need the subscription permission?

Now, if you realized your page needs the page-level subscription permission and you’d like to apply for it, you can read all about it and know exactly how to apply for from the previously mentioned link.

We feel though the need to clarify the below cases, though:-

– If you already have the page-level subscription permission: Hooray! You don’t need to do anything, and you can start using since the new permission activation date (June 3oth 2019)

– If you have already applied for the page-level subscription permission: You don’t need to apply again, and all the best with getting accepted.

– If you have applied for the permission and for some reason it wasn’t accepted: You will no longer be able to use the Non-promotional Subscription tag. However, you can still use the Update tag to send promotional broadcast within the 24-hour window. Other than that,  you’d need to use sponsored messages to send the same updates.

Other than this, you still have access to the other 16 message tags that cover many use cases that you may use broadcasts for. (You can find them all through this link)

We hope this helped you become more aware of the latest changes to Facebook messaging policies and how they affect you, and now if you want to start sending your users different types of broadcasts, you can request your free early access to our platform to do so!

This post was originally put together by Merna Mustafa.

Introducing Broadcasting & Segmentation

We’re happily introducing today one of our most important features added to our platform, that can help any business segment and target its users very accurately. You can read more about it below, or you can try it yourself as part of our platform.

Segmenting and targeting users accurately have been a major problem to businesses since the dawn of marketing, which gets harder as the business grows. That’s why we’re very excited to be contributing to solving it.

A New Way of Mass Messaging

Broadcasting & Segmentation introduces a new way of communicating a unified message or set of messages, to all of your users or a certain group(s) of them. With different broadcasting types (Subscription broadcast, Promotional broadcast, Follow up broadcast, …), or repetition options (daily, weekly, monthly, …). Which enables you through Broadcasting & Segmentation to:-

  • Make product announcements: Introduce your new products or features in a very engaging way, and in channels that everybody use (messaging apps).
  • Send user-specific offers: Target and send a specific group of your users specific offers based on their behavior.
  • Following up on customer service status: Sending updates about certain customer issue that started originally in a messaging app.
Sending and receiving a broadcast message

The use cases of Broadcasting & Segmentation is limitless, and we really look forward to knowing how will you use it to boost your business 😉

Head Over to Your Dashboard or Request an Early Access Invitation Now to Try it

Early Access Launch of The First Arabic-Focused Bot Builder Platform

Beep boop.. Beep boop, Arabic smart chatbots are here!

We’re very excited to be sharing with you what we’ve been working on for nearly a year, because our new bot builder platform is finally available in early access mode.

Our new platform is built from the ground up to match what we found an increasing need in customer relationship to our users. Which is building and maintaining a successful relationship with your customers, with the help of chatbots capabilities and AI magic. Customer relationship impact has grown to be a major indicator of a lot of businesses destiny, therefore, we’ve always prioritized this while building our new platform. To address this need through user-centred design and innovative features.

What to expect from our new platform:
  • Much easier building experience: Our new platform enables you to build your chatbots smoothly with just Drag & Drop Templates.
  • Engagement & Personalization: Through the ability to customize the experience to the extent of every single user through Broadcasting & Segmentation.
  • Always having the upper hand: By the option to switch from the bot to the human mode whenever you like through Human Handover.
  • Overall new and much organized user experience: Because we’ve put our users first in building the new platform and brought them the high standers in the industry in their own language.

The new platform is just around the corner, and we can’t wait for you to experience it and share with us the success stories you’ll make through!

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